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One of the foundational pillars of  RCG mortgage is and always has been education.  We feel the consumer is undereducated and, many times,  anxious and confused when it comes to the home-buying process and we do all we can to change that.  We like to educate both our Realtor Partners and clients on buying, selling, and refinancing.

There is way more to RCG Mortgage than just the business element.  There’s the human element.

We’ve also found, through the first-hand experience of our Realtor Success Specialist, Christina Mathieson-Segura,  that education about Breast Cancer is not only important but necessary.


According to the American Cancer Society, “the average risk of a woman in the United States developing breast cancer sometime in her life is about 13%. This means there is a 1 in 8 chance she will develop breast cancer..  Breast cancer death rates have been decreasing steadily since 1989, for an overall decline of 43% through 2020. The decrease in death rates is believed to be the result of finding breast cancer earlier through screening and increased awareness, as well as better treatments. However, the decline has slowed slightly in recent years.”

There are a lot of not-for-profits that have promoted research for cancer, but there aren’t many that promote education and positivity, When a woman is afraid of the treatment, she’s less inclined to get tested.  We believe this awareness may help save the lives of those dear to us.

In my own life, my stepmom found out that my dad was experiencing physical signs that something wasn’t right.  My dad didn’t tell her right away. Because my stepmom pushed my dad to see a doctor he was tested for bladder cancer and it was caught in time. Had he continued another three months, they said it would have spread and he would’ve potentially had like three to six months to live.

She saved his life. That’s the thing, he just didn’t want to get tested. He didn’t want to admit it. He was scared. We’re all scared. And if his wife didn’t push him to get tested, he probably wouldn’t be here.

As a company, we are supporting “You’ll Be OK Too, Inc.” a 501C3 nonprofit whose mission is to  provide a platform for breast cancer survivors and their loved ones to share their stories of survival and provide positive, empowering motivation to those at the beginning or middle of their own breast cancer journeys.  Awareness and action save lives.

We strive to become a shining example of integrity, excellence, and efficiency in all we do.

Creating a culture and work environment that fosters leadership is one of the core values that is non-negotiable for RCG Mortgage.  Every client we work with shall be the beneficiary of our incredible team, our values, and our ethics.  This is how we deliver a superior experience for those we serve.


The mission of You’ll Be OK Too, Inc. is to provide a vehicle for breast cancer survivors and their loved ones to share their stories of survival and provide positive, empowering motivation to those at the beginning or middle of their breast cancer journeys.


Our goal is to provide all individuals dealing with Breast Cancer a platform for their stories, sharing their feelings and details of their journeys that only their Pink Sisters would understand.  

When women, and men, are being treated for breast cancer, they’re often disconnected from the outside world. Our mission is to provide hope.

This donation will help a lot to achieve our mission.

You’ll Be OK Too solves two specific problems.

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